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Monday – Chicken Yasai Ramen / Udon


Monday – Chicken Yasai Ramen / Udon

Monday Lunch time offer Chicken Yasai Ramen / Udon Was £7.50 Only £4.99

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Tuesday – Chicken / Pork Yasai Curry


Tuesday – Chicken / Pork Yasai Curry

Tuesday Lunch time offer Chicken / Pork / Yasai Curry Was £7.95 Only £4.99

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Wednesday – Bento


Wednesday – Bento

Wednesday Lunchtime Menu Offer – Bento, comes with salad, rice, fruit and choose from one Chicken Yaki, Tofu, Kinoko Tempura, Tori Katsu, Pork Katsu. Was £9.99 Only £6.99

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Japanese Sake, Plum Liqueur, a  selection of carefully selected wines from around the world and Champagne. We have a great range of drinks to compliment your dining experience at Ten Ichi.

Japanese Sake Ozeki Sake


A versatile and well-balanced every day Japanese sake. Ideal for anybody new to the world of sake, Ozeki sake is a dry and slightly delicate junmai sake (make purely from polished rice without any additional brewer’s alcohol) with a full-bodied flavour and well-balanced flavour. Try this sake both chilled and gently warmed to 40-45 degrees, and see how the flavour differs.

Japanese Sake Category: Junmai (pure rice wine)
Japanese Sake Metre Value: +4 (dry)
Acidity: 1.6 (average)
Flavour: Dry, full-bodied, well-balanced.
Fragrance: Distinct but well-balanced
Drinking Temperature: Chilled or warmed to 40-45 degrees celsius
Food Pairing: Try this Japanese sake with sushi and sashimi, as well as with tempura, pickles, barbecued meats and other umami-rich foods.

Kanjuku Umeshu Plum Liqueur


100% of fully ripened “kishu nanko plum” is used. rich mellow flavor of the best quality plums and natural sweetness

available size: 720ml

serving recommendation: on the rocks, mixed with soda or hot/cold water

Ca Nova Pinot Grigio


Venetian Pinot Grigio is a dry but far from demanding wine, whose lightness and elegance inspire to drink.
Alcohol: 12%.
Harvest: beginning of September, from a vineyard that has reached an excellent production maturity.
Bottle Size: 0,75 l.
Sauvignon Jole


It is an aromatic grape that, when turned into wine, can be distinguished for its “uncommon” yet typical aromas.

Alcohol: 13%.

Harvest: harvested by hand on the second ten days of September.

Bottle Size: 0,75 l.



A fruity wine with spicy notes, ideally suited to rustic food dishes

Alcohol: 13%.

Service temperature – 18 – 20 degrees c

Medium bodied ruby red with intense fruit flavours. Well balanced with good structure.

Bottle Size: 0,75 l.

Shyraz Camene


A rich, full scented filled with ripe fruit and plum well blended spicy taste

Alcohol: 12.5%

First courses like risotti, red meat, boiled meat and well with medium – aged cheese

Severing Temperature: 18°C

Sutto Jole Merlot


Merlot finds a wonderful expression both young and after a natural aeging, bringing great pleasure to our tables.
Alcohol: 13%.
Harvest: last ten days of September.

Bottle Size: 0,75 l.
Val Policellia Ripasso


From the mandolari bosco, tondin, lacosta vineyards on the scriani estate.

Alcohol: 14%.

Harvest: manually harvesting in early October

Bottle Size: 0,75 l.
Amarone Valpolicella


Full-bodied and savoury with attractive with juicy black cherry and plum notes and some dark chocolate. Not as heavy as a typical Amarone but juicy and delicious and certainly full-bodied. Pair with prime rib.

Alcohol: 16%

Bottle Size: 0,75 l.
Sutto Prosecco


Our Prosecco doc, extra dry comes from the Treviso territory.

Alcohol: 11%

Bottle Size: 0,75 l.
Harvest: Second ten days of september


Impérial Brut – Sparkling White French Champagne

Since 1743 Moët & Chandon has been the world’s most loved champagne. With a perfect balance of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, Moët Impérial Brut offers a bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity, revealing aromas of pear, citrus and brioche.



Branded spirits by measure.

We offer most well known spirits Jack Deniels, Courvoisier VSOP, Southern Comfort, Gordons, Malibu, Bailieys, Smirnoff, Diseranno  and a few more.


Tea & Coffee

We serve the best tea and coffee in Birmingham so let us know how you like it and we can make it.


Soft Drinks

Branded soft drinks.

We offer most well known branded soft drinks, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta and a few local Japanese soft drinks.