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Japanese food




Crab Meat Salad – Crab Meat Mixed with Seasonal salad

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Modern fresh Japanese food and Sushi with a fusion twist. At Ten Ichi our award winning chefs have created a menu offering the very best of Japanese food for all to enjoy, using the very best fresh fish, meat and vegetables available.

At Ten Ichi we have aimed to raise the bar and set a new standard for Japanese food and Sushi in the heart of Birmingham. The restaurant was recently renovated to a high standard giving you stylish modern setting to enjoy your dinning experience.

Using the very best fresh ingredients is the key to fantastic Japanese food, Sushi and we go all out to source the very best and pride our selfs in being one of the best places to eat in Birmingham

Zensai – A range of modern fresh soups and salads.
Tempura & Agemono Japanese dish seafood or Vegetables coated with Light Batter and then deep-fried
Robata Yakimono A word originated from yakitori which is grilled. Skewered Checked then gradually transformed  into different meat, seafood and vegetable dishes
Nigiri Sushi Sushi Rice combined with fresh delicate ingredients (2 pieces per portion)
Temaki Sushi Sushi rice with fillings of your choice wrapped in crispy seaweed
Makimono Sushi  Sushi Rice Rolls with the filling of your choice (6 Pieces Per Person)
Sashimi – selection of raw fresh fish
Bento Box – Each box contains a complete meal all are served with miso soup, salad, steamed rice plus a choice of any two dishes from this selection
Menrui Ramden-Thin Noodles in Miso flavour Soup, Udon-Thick noodles in Soy flavour soup
Donburi – A choice of Japanese main dish served with steamed rice miso soup

So come to Ten Ich if you are looking for Japanese food, Sushi, Places to eat in Birmingham and especially if you want to experience one of the best restaurants in Birmingham